YakBack Entry







I am planning to construct a "Spinyaker(tm)" sail and have an inquiry about the instructions. In the illustration of the folds it shows a blacked out section where the folds should be and a yellow background that I assume is the material,there was quite a distance between the folded in corners vertically with much material between them. When I layed out my material,folded to 36"X60" and brought the corners down and in to the horizontal halfway(18")point with the fold connecting with the opposite corner,the two points met in the middle of the fabric(30" vertically),this does seem to make a parallelogram as instructed. Is this anomaly just because the illustation is not to actual scale? I would hate to ruin this piece of material seeing that the nearest fabric shop where I purchased it is about 45 miles away.
I hope to have this up and running asap and await your considerate reply'
J. Wolfe