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appreciate them...

It's one of the ways I convinced my better half to get out into the waves. Best place I know to practice under fire is the Back Bay with learning and practicing rescues...etc...We were going to be in a follow up chapter in "Sea Kayaker Deep Trouble" but instead we were in the Back Bay 2'-5' of water---> gale force winds and white caps -->awesome. I wish Jamie had not gone swimming with the camera earlier. Wind and Wave knocked her over in her Impex Montauk while she was trying to take a picture of a kite surfer...ooops. The pictures would have been great white sea kayaks ,black ominous swirlings clouds , white caps, howling winds. She was not amused . Jamie was test paddling the Escape for the very first time. I asked her if she ever felt she was out of control or she was going over. Her answered makes me happy: a resounding NO. I pointed out we could walk out of trouble (current a nonissue).

I was having Too Much Fun


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This guy is great and plays in your neck of the woods from time to time.

Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun


Calendar---> Maryland shows coming up soon