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Mr McComas,
Please bear with me as I'm new to the sport. However, I am very interested in learning as much as I can about it. I am a cadet at the USAF Academy and am about to graduate next month. Following that I would like to plan a trip around the Chesapeake Bay area (leaning towards Pocomoke/Janes/Tangier island area). I am from Bel Air, what I assume to be your neck of the woods, and am wondering how much experience you recommend for a crossing like the one you describe in your Tangier article. I am very athletic and have grown up around the bay and spent a good amount of time on the water. However I have only recently become interested in kayaking. If the Tangier crossing is too difficult, what trips might you recommend around the Harford County/upper bay area? Finally, I am looking to purchase my first kayak in the next 4-5 months or so. I plan on using it predominantly for multi day trips on lakes and rivers in the south. Any recommendations? Sorry for the long email but thank you for your time and any advice you may have.