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Schedule up for DownEast Sea Kayaking Symposium

Hi Folks,
The schedule is up for the 2nd Annual Downeast Sea Kayaking Symposium in Bar Harbor, Maine (home of Acadia National Park). Go to http://www.carpediemkayaking.com and click on the "Symposium" link. Standard disclaimer: coaching assignments are subject to change. We're excited to have Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme from Body, Boat Blade in Orcas Island, Washington and Peter Casson From EMS with us this year, in addition to many of the coaches from last year. A downloadable registration form is available online. To sign up before then, just call Aquaterra Adventures (Carpe Diem's partner in putting on the symposium) at 207-288-1068. Beginning classes are available in strokes and rolling, four-star training, rocks & ledges and tidal currents classes . This year we're also offering Level 2 and 3 trainings and assessments, an open canoe training and assessment and an inland whitewater class.
Call us at 207-669-2338 with any questions or e-mail me at mel@carpediemkayaking.com.
See you on the water!

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