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Free cover for highend boats....

I am starting to make covers for kayaks and rowing shell/wherries in Salisbury. To acquire the patterns; I offer a free cover for first-of-type. I have made covers for airplanes for
20+yrs (planecover.com) and have the same policy. The qualifier: the cost of the cover should not exceed about 20% of the value of the boat. Nobody will spend a coupla hundred bucks to cover a $600, roto-poly, sit on...and I won't make patterns for them. The boat must be brought to me and I would probably need it for a couple of weeks - as I also have another active business to run. I am often at the shop some portion of every day, but we would have to agree in advance on a day to come. You can see on the site, I have started with the beautiful CLC boats as these vessels have more than a cash investment in them. Please feel free to call with any questions after you see the site: wetstuff.com

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