RE: Camping on VA barrier islands [Important]

Apparently none of the 60 miles from Assateague Island to Fisherman's Island is open to campng. Some islands are open for day use and from my observation are heavily used by those with little respect for the environment. Given that such restricted priveleges appear to be abused, it is probably for the best that camping is not allowed. But it is also a shame that an entire section of Atlantic coast, the only remaining area for hundreds of miles where such activities might be possible, all other places also being off limits, has to be restricted from use by those with responsible outdoor ethics and skills. Perhaps it is necessary because of the pressures a large untrained population puts on the environment, but it is sad to find that a closer and more intimate relationship with this area is closed off to even those who would treat it properly.. It is a long way to paddle out and back from launching sites to many of the islands, leaving very little time acutually out along the coast. In many palces, it is only practical for those who will utilize gas guzzling oil polluting conveyances to get out there.

Personally I would rather see a few small restricted areas near the inlets where camping was allowed where responsible day time and camping use would be enforced.

I have added a note that will let all readers know that camping on these islands is illegal.