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State Road 40 Launch Ramp

I noticed in an article about a fellow paddler who was looking for the SR. 40 ramp when launching his kayak. Just a little bit of info on that ramp, thought I could help, and Yes I know he found it from the river, but for anyone else.... The ramp is located on the right side of the bridge as you head west on SR. 40. To access it you need to make your first right as soon as you go over the bridge, there should be 2 little concrete pillars w/ a gate connecting them, this is the ramp location, GOOD LUCK GETTING IN!!! The ramp was once public, with no gate blocking it and it was used quite a bit by us local's. But the community right there decided it was for its homeowners and have since locked it down, though right across from the ramp, going east, there is a riverbank location that a canoe or kayak could be launched with ease...
I hope this helps.
Fellow Paddler,

PS: The best ramps for boats are either the Halifix launch at Granada RD/ SR 40 or there are 3 off of US 41 right near the river crossing...

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