Hank McComas


RE: Prussic knot

Thanks for your input Dave. I intended that the demonstration be for for a closed loop of line creating the prussic, not a bight and I have modified the text to add the word closed when first discussing the loop. The picture was cut off that showed the rest of the line as a closed loop. If you have a closed loop a shown in the final picture the instructions work OK. Unfortunately the third picture was taken of another Prussic where the line loop was wrapped around the larger line with the opposite rotation around the main line Hence Step 2 does not lead to Step 3, but to a Step 3 with the opposite twists on the line. Or you could just imagine that the whole knot had been turned over to show the underside of the knot. However, the orientation of the braid on the large rope proves that is not what happened. Your instructions work correctly for a bight leaving two possibly unconnected ends in the center.

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