Don Sapatkin (dsapatkin@phillynews.com)


RE: oops

. . . Are Your Ready to Kayak and the trip report from Tofino, since I had been planning to call Pacific Kayak and ask for guidance about whether I had the skills to do a two- or three-day solo trip to the outer islands.)


In any case, your site is also driving me crazy because I can't find any "About" pages or an indication of who or what you are; I've never even come across a URL ending with ".ws" before.


I would certainly appreciate a brief description of the site's ownership, etc., via email or on this discussion board. But it's also something you might want to post prominently on your home page, or at least as a topic on the site map.




P.S. My best email address through Sept. 3 (only) is jegrt@telus.net