RE: Mariner Escape info

I probably visited every sea kayak site in cyberspace. It pisses me off too that people use marketing ploys that really don't help those looking for information. I researched Mariner Kayaks along with all other vendors and think I made a wise choice for my needs. Figuring out the reviews on http://www.paddling.net--> are what they are. Big grain of salt needed on some reviews.

http://www.seakayak.ws is awesome !!! The history -launch sites- "The Bay"

Gypsy Kings ? Hotel California in the ------> Baja trip Movie ?
Then Western Surfing Twang.......Is it possible to get a play list? It's really fun having it open in one window and pecking at the keyboard like a one-toed chicken.

Cool steel drums with the tropical pics --> "Sea Shots" (Jimmy Buffet flavor)

You obviously have a wide appreciation for music.

"Life Philosophy"

Have a wide appreciation for Food Music and People but necessarily in that order .

The .ws discovery was word of mouth? Web surfing? Great find for all of us (inspiring you to move forward with this site)



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