RE: Trip from Lookout Point Chesapeake to Savannah Bay

Thanks for all the really great points. First off I was wondering about starting in GA but was hoping for another opinion and a look at the winds for the region given that time of year, it seems to me it would make more sense the way you suggested. As of now we are planning on taking all ocean with the exception of the 2 bays and my preliminary ROUGH sketch was right around 700 miles. I am ordering the charts for the tricky spots now and looking online at all of them. I'm not planning on using a sail of any kind just paddling the whole deal, we're all college students so we are planning for a month but if it goes over it won't be the end of the world. My sister lives in GA so finding a place to stay down there won't be a huge problem but finding spots to camp along the way are going to be tricky it seems. Also, planning on taking a few trips to the chesapeake this summer hope to see you around!