Hank McComas


RE: About

My site is not about me or any organization. It is about sea kayaking and helping those who are beginning to paddle. It is about promoting the sport in our region. Only recently have I added advertising to help defray the costs of hosting the site and to pay for a few more adventures which I can then write up for the benefit of all. So I have spent no time on an "About" page. You are the first to inquire. I suppose that may have something to do with you being at a newspaper?

I have written most of the pages and trip reports and have borrowed information from all over the net. Some of the original information has disappeared as time has passed as sites come and go on the net. On occasion I can get a few of my friends to contribute reports on their trips but it is mostly my effort. I do it because it is fun and I think it helps a sport I am interested in. I write up what I find interesting and what I think will be useful to others.

As far as the .ws extension, it stands for Western Samoa. It is a country ending like .ca for Canada or .it for Italy. Because Western Samoa has so few computer domains, they have been selling domain names for a couple of years. Because seakayak.com and seakayak.net and most of the others were already taken, I decided to get .ws. The person who had seakayak.com let it expire about a year ago. I bid on the name in the name auction but it finally went for $7,777.00 way above the $750 I was willing to pay. www.seakayak.com has been developed as nothing but a bunch of repackaged links about kayaks and adds nothing to the sport. My feeling is that it is a disservice to the sport, only slightly better than kayak.com which has absolutely nothing to do with kayaking.

Besides, I think it is kind of cool to have a name related to a culture that has such a strong tie with the sea and small boat navigation.

Enjoy your time in Tofino. I certainly did. Lemnes Sound in the rain was a wonderful experience. And try the sushi at the restaurant overlooking the harbor. I forget the name. The octopus was great.