Hank McComas


RE: Mariner Escape info

I just put part 3 of the Baja trip on YouTube. Check out how low I was riding in the Tsunami 165. Practically under water with nowhere near the load I put in my Mariner.

I use my seasock when I go out to surf. Keeps all that water out of the rest of the boat (around the float bags) when (if) I have to bail out. Also makes it easier to get minor amounts of water out of the cockpit when I come into shore for a break or for lunch. Just lift out the sea sock and dump. I sometimes use it when I am going out into big water on a trip. Usually carry it on big expeditions or when out by myself in cold water.

as for the .ws it is a country designation for Western Samoa. They have so few computers that they sell the designations. Seakayak.com was gone - it sold for $7777.00 at action - just about $7700.00 over my limit. Pisses me off as the site is nothing but a redirection site. Check it at www.seakayak.com Almost as bad as www.kayak.com which has NOTHING to do with kayaks.

Will use the spell checker this time so you don't have to guess what the F$%^ I am typing.