Chesapeake Paddlers Association introduction to Sea Kayaking

Date 03/15/2014

Help spread the word! Registration is now open for SK101.

If you are new to Sea Kayaking, this is your opportunity to spend a day learning from a group of highly experienced paddlers. This is a one-day introductory course on the basics of sea kayaking. CPA members will provide a wealth of information about kayak and paddle design, including:

• How to choose the right kayaks and paddles for what you plan on doing.
• What equipment you will need to start paddling.
• The basics of safe paddling.
• How to find people to paddle with.
• Interesting places to paddle.
• Other related topics of interest.
Kayaks, paddles, equipment, clothing, car racks, and a variety of kayaking gear will be on display.

This event is primarily for the newer paddler, or those interested in getting into the sport, however, everyone is invited to come and expand their paddling horizons.

In addition to the presentations, a panel of experts will be available to attempt to answer such critical questions as:

• I've completed half of a Kayak roll, now what?
• Are there sharks in the Chesapeake Bay, and what should I do if I see one?
• I live in an appartment, so what is the longest kayak I can fit in an elevator?
It will be held on March 15th, 2014 at the West River Center, 5100 Chalk Point Rd,West River, MD.

A printable flyer and registration form is available here:

Hope to see you there,