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Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/75725F41C633A43385256A640052D429'>Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay</a>] - A resource for Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay - A resource for individuals and groups interested in sea kayaking with a focus on the Chesapeake Bay.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/22AA9E20E30450F685256B4600563764' Title='Click to open this page'>01 - A Tour aro01 - A Tour around the Chesapeake Bay - The Bay is often divided into three regions, the Upper Bay, from the Susquehanna River and the Flats to the Bay Bridge, the Middle Bay from the Bay Bridge to the mouth of the Potomac, and the Lower Bay, from the Potomac to the Atlantic Ocean. Each has its own unique character.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/F94D0096D965962B85256A64005348E8' Title='Click to open this page'>02 - Basics</a>02 - Basics - Just getting started? Here are some basics.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/88A183DF514D13E885256A6400537482' Title='Click to open this page'>03 - Intermedia03 - Intermediate Topics - Of interest to those with intermediate levels of kayak skills
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8FEC77F0408D3AD685256A6400538685' Title='Click to open this page'>04 - Advanced T04 - Advanced Topics - Specialized topics for advanced kayakers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8B6909AE064B75CC85256A640053A7DD' Title='Click to open this page'>05 - Resources<05 - Resources - Resources for weather forecasts, charts, etc.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/04DC31678F40A57885256B0F00042820' Title='Click to open this page'>06 - Safety</a>06 - Safety - Kayaks are generally safe but present varied potential dangers. Use of the 6Ps of kayak safety - Planning, Partner, PFD, Preparation, Practice and Patience - can lessen these objective dangers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/1DAABEEFABB5BCB285256A92005CAA39' Title='Click to open this page'>08 - Kayak Trip08 - Kayak Trip Reports - Reports on sea kayak trips, including descriptions, pictures and resources.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/FDCEAAB00565B94C85256AB200533831' Title='Click to open this page'>09 - Training t09 - Training topics for instructors - Training topics for those interested in teaching kayaking to others.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/5BAE669EE91BCC5985256A9D0068D92D' Title='Click to open this page'>10 - Miscellane10 - Miscellaneous Topics - Miscellaneous information of use or interest to kayakers
Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/BC081BFD0DE90B5285256B53001BC904' Title='Click to open this page'>11 - Equipment 11 - Equipment of Interest - Down to earth information on various kayaking equipment as used by avid kayakers on a regular basis.
Bilge Pump - Rule 12 VDC Switch controlled pumps - If you are going to make your own electric bilge pump, here is the starting point.
Compass Options - I can't see most kayak compass cards. They are too small. Here is some of the bigger ones meant for mounting on small boats and some hand held bearing compasses.
Desalinators - Making fresh water from salt water.
Emergency Kayak Repair Materials - One day, if you venture far enough, you will need to do a repair during an expedition. It would be wise to have repair materials with you.
Helmets - Gath - Brain Buckets with Style - Most sea kayaking does not call for a helmet. It just isn’t that likely that your head will fetch up on something hard. But if you are paddling about in the surge around the rocks, or riding a big wave into the beach, you might appreciate a little protection if things go badly.
Interesting products - Here are miscellaneous products that kayakers might find interesting and useful.
Kayak - Nigel Dennis Kayaks - Explorer - Matt keeps finding things to love about his Nigel Denis Kayaks Explorer kayak.
Lighting and Visibility for kayaks at night - Kayaks are required to have emergency lights and lights for operation at night. Being visible is a good thing. Here are some options.
Personal Flotation Device X-Tract-D Rescue Type - Stohlquist makes good PFDs - personal flotation devices. So I was looking forward to reviewing what should be their top of the line PFD - a rescue vest. I was disappointed.
Personal Locator Beacon for 406 MGz Satellite Personal EPIRB - When they aren't looking for you this will bring them. This expensive piece of equipment might be justified on a very remote expedition in dangerous waters.
Personal Locator Beacon for Search and Rescue Operations. - DISCONTINUED::::121.5 and 243 MHz EPIRBS If they are out looking for you this will help. It transmits on the Search and Rescue Frequency to help locate misplaced travelers.
Personal Messenger SPOT - For casual use, and SPOTty emergency use, this piece of relatively inexpensive technology deserves consideration for those who need to check in on a long trip where other communication is unavailable.
Roof Rack - Malone Sea Wings - With a low profile, low drag, sturdy construction, this rack is a great choice if the shape of your kayak is amenable to the rather flat shape of these unusual car top racks. They look good too!
Shoes - Mion - Current and Flood Tide - Mion is a new manufacturer of active and technical footwear. Their two new models, the Current and the Flood Tide, are water shoes with attractive features. Find out how we rate them.
Shoes - Teva Gamma water shoe - This is the worst shoe I have ever had the misfortune of putting on my feet. In less than 30 minutes and one mile of walking in these shoes and I had a quarter sized bloody blister on both heels. Run don't walk away from these shoes.
Solar Recharger - Brunton Solarport 4.4 - Long trips far from stores can require many batteries. Here are some renewable options. None are fully waterprrof.
Spray Skirts - Sea Kayak spray skirts should keep water out of your boat while allowing you to make all the movements required to paddle and right a kayak in comfort and style. We review three categories of spray skirt from the top three manufacturers.
Tarp - CGear Sand Free Multimat - Sometimes you see a piece of equipment used in another context and think, "That would work well for kayaking." Sometimes it works out brilliantly. Sometimes its a disaster. Sometimes the result is mixed as it was in this case.

Toilet - Commercial Portable - Portable Toilet small enough for Kayak.
Toilet - Portable - Homemade - Build your own kayak portable toilet.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/D1DB06394DEE970985256B73004CE781' Title='Click to open this page'>12 - History of12 - History of the Chesapeake Bay - The Chesapeake Bay was an important region in the European settlement of North America and the early development of the United States of America
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/15113CF36BD29D71852570E10065621D' Title='Click to open this page'>13 - Media</a>]13 - Media - Movies, picture themes, etc.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/D263A2A4293F702D85256DE9008200D5' Title='Click to open this page'>14 - Land adven14 - Land adventures - Even gonzo kayakers get out and stretch their legs now and then. This section contains some of our land based adventures.



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