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Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/75725F41C633A43385256A640052D429'>Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay</a>] - A resource for Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay - A resource for individuals and groups interested in sea kayaking with a focus on the Chesapeake Bay.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/22AA9E20E30450F685256B4600563764' Title='Click to open this page'>01 - A Tour aro01 - A Tour around the Chesapeake Bay - The Bay is often divided into three regions, the Upper Bay, from the Susquehanna River and the Flats to the Bay Bridge, the Middle Bay from the Bay Bridge to the mouth of the Potomac, and the Lower Bay, from the Potomac to the Atlantic Ocean. Each has its own unique character.
Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/F94D0096D965962B85256A64005348E8' Title='Click to open this page'>02 - Basics</a>02 - Basics - Just getting started? Here are some basics.
01 - Kayak Terminology - A guide to kayak & nautical terms. What is it and why is it important?
02 - Types of Kayaks - There are four broad categories of kayaks: General Recreation, Touring, Whitewater and Racing. What questions do you need to answer to determine which type of kayak is best for you?
03 - Kayak periodicals - Online publications for Kayakers provide another source of basic information.
04 - Kayaking organizations - Links to kayak organizations and associations that could help you get started.
05 - Where to find, buy, or rent kayaks - Here are some links to kayak stores, manufacturers, outfitters and communities.
Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8DC3170C8E1C2A4885256A640054165E' Title='Click to open this page'>06 - Kayak inst06 - Kayak instruction and training - Where to get instruction and training about sea kayaks.
06.01 - Kayak Training Courses by ACA Certified Instructor - Kayak training is available for all skill levels in the Baltimore, Maryland area.
07 - Kayak Bibliography - Books about kayaks and kayak expeditions.
08 - Cold Shock - Cold shock is arguably the most likely killer of kayakers. It is also the least known. Even those who know a lot about hypothermia often know little about cold shock.
09 - Hypothermia - Killer Cold - An introduction to the dangers of hypothermia
10 - Other Medical Considerations - Dehydration, Sun Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, Hyponatremia, Cold Shock, Trench Foot
11 - Sharing with the big boys - General guidelines for safety around large vessels
12 - How to kayak - Making your kayak go - The forward power stroke and forward touring stroke
13 - How to kayak - Making your kayak stop - The backward power stroke is used for stopping and going backwards.
14 - How to kayak - making your kayak turn - Sweeps, rudders and draws. Strokes for turning your kayak.
15 - How to kayak - keeping your kayak from capsizing - High and Low Braces - Staying on top of your kayak.
16 - How to kayak - What to do after a capsize - wet exiting - You missed your brace. You capsized and now you are the keel instead of the mast. Now what do you do?
17 - How to kayak - getting back in your capsized kayak - Paddle float rescue and other self and assisted rescues that work
18 - How to kayak - getting in and out of your kayak - Get in and out of your kayak with grace and safety. Kayaks are tippy, especially when you are not in them. Use these techniques to enter and exit a kayak safely.
19 - Basic Equipment - Here is a list a basic coastal kayaking equipment, safety gear, signaling devices, navigation, clothing and camping gear.
20 - Paddle types shapes and sizes - Paddles - everyone likes something different and that is a good thing, otherwise we would all be trying to buy the same paddle. I use a Lightning paddle.
21 - Navigation Aids - Aids to Navigation can provide a boater with the same type of information drivers get from street signs, stop signals, road barriers, detours and traffic lights.
22 - Low-head dams: A not-so clear and present danger - Rivers can be treacherous, not only because of the tremendous power they possess, through the movement of flowing water, but because of structures they flow over, around and through.
23 - Mosquitos - They may be low on the food chain, but they are above you! Mosquitos are an unavoidable fact in the summer months. Here are some suggestions on how to do battle with the little buggers.
24 - Seasickness, Mal de Mer - If you are one of the many who are susceptible to seasickness, some preparation and knowledge might prevent a very unpleasant experience.
25 - Choosing a spray skirt - A spray skirt is important for safety and comfort when kayaking. Fit and function vary among the many types of spray skirts available.
26 - Basic Kayak Kit for every paddle - What should you carry every time you go paddling?
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/88A183DF514D13E885256A6400537482' Title='Click to open this page'>03 - Intermedia03 - Intermediate Topics - Of interest to those with intermediate levels of kayak skills
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8FEC77F0408D3AD685256A6400538685' Title='Click to open this page'>04 - Advanced T04 - Advanced Topics - Specialized topics for advanced kayakers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8B6909AE064B75CC85256A640053A7DD' Title='Click to open this page'>05 - Resources<05 - Resources - Resources for weather forecasts, charts, etc.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/04DC31678F40A57885256B0F00042820' Title='Click to open this page'>06 - Safety</a>06 - Safety - Kayaks are generally safe but present varied potential dangers. Use of the 6Ps of kayak safety - Planning, Partner, PFD, Preparation, Practice and Patience - can lessen these objective dangers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/1DAABEEFABB5BCB285256A92005CAA39' Title='Click to open this page'>08 - Kayak Trip08 - Kayak Trip Reports - Reports on sea kayak trips, including descriptions, pictures and resources.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/FDCEAAB00565B94C85256AB200533831' Title='Click to open this page'>09 - Training t09 - Training topics for instructors - Training topics for those interested in teaching kayaking to others.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/5BAE669EE91BCC5985256A9D0068D92D' Title='Click to open this page'>10 - Miscellane10 - Miscellaneous Topics - Miscellaneous information of use or interest to kayakers
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/BC081BFD0DE90B5285256B53001BC904' Title='Click to open this page'>11 - Equipment 11 - Equipment of Interest - Down to earth information on various kayaking equipment as used by avid kayakers on a regular basis.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/D1DB06394DEE970985256B73004CE781' Title='Click to open this page'>12 - History of12 - History of the Chesapeake Bay - The Chesapeake Bay was an important region in the European settlement of North America and the early development of the United States of America
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/15113CF36BD29D71852570E10065621D' Title='Click to open this page'>13 - Media</a>]13 - Media - Movies, picture themes, etc.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/D263A2A4293F702D85256DE9008200D5' Title='Click to open this page'>14 - Land adven14 - Land adventures - Even gonzo kayakers get out and stretch their legs now and then. This section contains some of our land based adventures.



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