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Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/75725F41C633A43385256A640052D429'>Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay</a>] - A resource for Sea Kayak Chesapeake Bay - A resource for individuals and groups interested in sea kayaking with a focus on the Chesapeake Bay.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/22AA9E20E30450F685256B4600563764' Title='Click to open this page'>01 - A Tour aro01 - A Tour around the Chesapeake Bay - The Bay is often divided into three regions, the Upper Bay, from the Susquehanna River and the Flats to the Bay Bridge, the Middle Bay from the Bay Bridge to the mouth of the Potomac, and the Lower Bay, from the Potomac to the Atlantic Ocean. Each has its own unique character.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/F94D0096D965962B85256A64005348E8' Title='Click to open this page'>02 - Basics</a>02 - Basics - Just getting started? Here are some basics.
Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/88A183DF514D13E885256A6400537482' Title='Click to open this page'>03 - Intermedia03 - Intermediate Topics - Of interest to those with intermediate levels of kayak skills
01 - Am I ready to go kayaking? - Here are some things to consider in deciding if you are capable of kayaking on an extended or solo trip.
Hide details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/29737D51B061B48885256B0C00564A10' Title='Click to open this page'>02 - Kayak camp02 - Kayak camping and expeditions - Staying out two or more days in your kayak presents a number of challenges as well as new experiences.
02.01 -Packing it in - Packing a kayak for an extended trip is an artform. Proper consideration of balance and trim can improve the performance of your kayak and your enjoyment of your trip.
02.02 -Packing it out - Take only photographs and don't even leave footprints. Being thoughful of the fragile seashore environment will keep access to these areas open for all of us.
03 - Hand Signals - Communication over distance - Communication at sea can be difficult if not impossible. Learn a set of hand signals. Make sure everyone in the group agrees on the meaning.
04 - Basic Surf Paddling Techniques - Surf poses a whole new set of problems and opportunites for the touring kayaker. Here are some tips on how to handle it.
05 - Downwind Paddling Technique - Paddling downwind can be fun. Practice and skills developed in controlled conditions can pay off in a free ride or when conditions get difficult.
06 - Long Distance Touring Stroke - Long distance kayaking like cycling, skiing, hiking and other endurance pursuits, requires conditioning, training, and above all proper paddling technique.
07 - Towing Techniques - Sooner or later either you or a companion will need to be towed. Practice these techniques and you will be ready.
08 - The Physics of Rolling - Rolling Principals - Knowing the physics can help your roll
09 - Paddling in a group - Group paddling dynamic - who me?
10 - How to use a marine VHF radio. - Most people have had little exposure to the proper use of a radio over the regulated airwaves. There is a protocol and special language for radio chatter which enhances the effectiveness of communications for all users.
11 - Home, Home on the Range - Use a range to stay on course in wind, currents and waves.
12 - Course, Heading and Bearing, Oh My! - Course, heading and bearing all have direction, but they are not the same.
Core Exercises for Kayakers - The torso and legs are the engine of the kayak. Most of the power comes from there. Here are some exercises for increasing your power and stamina. Get in shape or stay in shape with these movements.
Intermediate Training - Intermediate coastal kayakers will perfect advanced strokes and maneuvers, as an end goal, or as preparation for advanced open water skill development.
Knots - Keeping it where you want it - Knots are important anywhere there are ropes and lines. Here are some basic knots that keep things put; the clove hitch, bowlin, figure eight, fishermans, truckers and Prussic knots.
Know Chart, Compass and Things Magnetic, your GPS died don't be Pathetic - Fewer and fewer people use a compass for navigation as GPS devices have become ever more popular. Relying solely on an electronic device for your safety is a mistake. You should also know how to use a compass, understand its limitations and be prepared to navigate the old fashioned way.
Maintenance - Keeping your kayak in top condition - A yearly maintenance program will extend the life of your boat and the associated expensive equipment.
Roll - Deep Water Storm - This roll many find incredible easy to do. It looks like magic as there is very little apparently going on. But it works especially well when the waves are high and the action on the surface is hot.
Safety & Survival Items - Things to have when times get tough - Everyone who kayaks should have an set of emergency items that they have available when out for any length of time. In addition to a medical kit and a crash kit for cold water paddling, these are items that you should consider carrying.
Tides - What causes tides? Gravity and rotation of the earth, sun and moon. Learn how the complex interaction of these three bodies affect your world.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8FEC77F0408D3AD685256A6400538685' Title='Click to open this page'>04 - Advanced T04 - Advanced Topics - Specialized topics for advanced kayakers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/8B6909AE064B75CC85256A640053A7DD' Title='Click to open this page'>05 - Resources<05 - Resources - Resources for weather forecasts, charts, etc.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/04DC31678F40A57885256B0F00042820' Title='Click to open this page'>06 - Safety</a>06 - Safety - Kayaks are generally safe but present varied potential dangers. Use of the 6Ps of kayak safety - Planning, Partner, PFD, Preparation, Practice and Patience - can lessen these objective dangers.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/1DAABEEFABB5BCB285256A92005CAA39' Title='Click to open this page'>08 - Kayak Trip08 - Kayak Trip Reports - Reports on sea kayak trips, including descriptions, pictures and resources.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/FDCEAAB00565B94C85256AB200533831' Title='Click to open this page'>09 - Training t09 - Training topics for instructors - Training topics for those interested in teaching kayaking to others.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/5BAE669EE91BCC5985256A9D0068D92D' Title='Click to open this page'>10 - Miscellane10 - Miscellaneous Topics - Miscellaneous information of use or interest to kayakers
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/BC081BFD0DE90B5285256B53001BC904' Title='Click to open this page'>11 - Equipment 11 - Equipment of Interest - Down to earth information on various kayaking equipment as used by avid kayakers on a regular basis.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/D1DB06394DEE970985256B73004CE781' Title='Click to open this page'>12 - History of12 - History of the Chesapeake Bay - The Chesapeake Bay was an important region in the European settlement of North America and the early development of the United States of America
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/15113CF36BD29D71852570E10065621D' Title='Click to open this page'>13 - Media</a>]13 - Media - Movies, picture themes, etc.
Show details for [<a href='/kayak/kayak.nsf/0/D263A2A4293F702D85256DE9008200D5' Title='Click to open this page'>14 - Land adven14 - Land adventures - Even gonzo kayakers get out and stretch their legs now and then. This section contains some of our land based adventures.



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